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Winter is simply stunning in Port Macquarie!

Receiving more than its fair share of sunshine and mild temperatures, we know our delegates will fall in love with Port Macquarie in winter!  Perfect for yoga on the beach, a whale watching cruise, or a fireside dinner, there’s so much to eat, see and do.  The mid-north Coast’s most popular holiday destination is on the move, with record growth, a vibrant CBD, flourishing food scene, charming villages, and some of the most spectacular coastline and hinterland you’ll find anywhere in the world. 

Whether it’s leisure, luxury, nature or adventure you crave, you will find it here. We highly recommend taking the time to visit Port Macquarie’s official destination website,, for dining, attractions, accommodation, and local tips on the best ways to spend time in ‘Port’. 

We think you’ll be planning to stay a little longer!